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DID Partner Group

Full Program Title:

For Spouses and Partners of Patients with Dissociative Disorder: A Time-limited Psychoeducational Support Group

Led By: David L. Calof

Location: Seattle

Supplemental Information:

Dissociative Disorders
Dissociative Symptomology


Program focus and purpose

While skilled treatment resources for patients with major dissociative disorders (i.e., dissociative identity disorder, fugue, depersonalization disorder, and so on) are hard to find, resources specifically for spouses and partners of persons living with major dissociative symptoms practically do not exist.  Unfortunately, for those living with dissociative disordered partners in treatment, lack of proper information and support concerning their partner’s disorder and treatment can thwart even the most functional relationships and result in unanticipated and unintended outcomes that might have been prevented with useful information.

Depending on the specific needs of attendees (to be determined), the group will consider issues related to:

- Understanding dissociative symptoms and behaviors
- Daily life management
- Communication and intimacy
- Sexuality
- Parenting and relationships with extended family
- Managing the demands of the therapy process on daily living
- Managing demands of work and career

This time-limited psychoeducational program is for spouses and partners of people diagnosed with dissociative disorder who are receiving ongoing treatment for their dissociative disorder. Not intended to replace individual, couple or family therapy, this psychoeducational program will provide basic education and support for partners living with patients in treatment for major dissociative disorders. The leader will draw upon nearly thirty years of clinical and consultative experience working with dissociative disordered clients and, in some cases, their families.

Eligibility for program participation

1. Partners of applicants must be in ongoing psychotherapy addressing dissociative disorder issues.

2. Applicants must agree to the Foundation Principles (below).

3. Applicants must submit to a brief telephone screening interview (free of charge) to assess their appropriateness for the program.

The program will operate on several Foundation Principles

1. Through lecture and discussion, the group will focus on here-and-now life management issues. This is not psychotherapy, couple therapy, or group therapy, and participants will not explore personal issues or history except briefly as they might relate directly to present day issues of living with a dissociative disordered person.

2. Participants will contract to uphold strict confidentiality for all group business.  Disclosures in the group will be limited to a first-name basis. Participants agree not to socialize between sessions.

3. The group leader will not provide crisis support or counseling to participants, their partners, or their families.

4. The group leader does not treat the dissociative disordered partner.

5. The leader will hold in strict confidentiality any information disclosed or shared by group members. The law provides specific exceptions to this policy which the leader will observe.  For example, he is not required to treat as confidential any communications that are requested by subpoena from a court of law or the Secretary of the Department of Health or that reveal the contemplation or commission of a crime or harmful act to self or other.  Other than billing information, no case notes will be recorded or kept on participants.


The program consists of four classes over 2 ½ months (8 contact hours).
Times to be announced.


$349, payable at the first session.  A $100 deposit is required to hold a space, refundable, minus a $25 processing fee, up to 10 days before the start of the program.


For more information, contact David Calof at 206-306-9026 ext. 1 or at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).