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Public Programs

DID Partner Group

While skilled treatment resources for patients with major dissociative disorders (i.e., dissociative identity disorder, fugue, depersonalization disorder, and so on) are hard to find, resources specifically for spouses and partners of persons living with major dissociative symptoms practically do not exist.  Unfortunately, for those living with dissociative disordered partners in treatment, lack of proper information and support concerning their partner’s disorder and treatment can thwart even the most functional relationships and result in unanticipated and unintended outcomes that might have been prevented with useful information.

Marital Enrichment Course

Communication, Negotiation, and Intimacy:  A Fun Mini-Course for Committed Partners and Spouses

Marital harmony refers to completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment.  Marriage strives for peace, nurturing, respect, and kindness, through which a married couple becomes complete.