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Treating Abuse Today: Vol 1, No 4

September/October, 1991


In this Issue:

  • "Managing Disclosure and Confrontation:  Family of Origin, Friends and Associates"
    by Allen Dietz, Betty Button, MA
  • "Regarding the Credibility of Ritual Abuse Reports"
    by David L. Calof
  • "Survivors of Childhood Ritual Abuse:  Multi-generational Satanic Cult Involvement"
    by Lynda N. DriscollCheryl Wright, PhD
  • "The Self of the Therapist:  Attending to Counter-transference"
    by Eileen A. Grellert, PsyD
  • "Understanding Ritual Abuse:  A Study of Thirty-three Ritual Abuse Survivors"
    by Caren Cook
  • "Victim/Victimizer:  Same Coin, Different Sides"
    by Donald L. Mann, LCSW