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Treating Abuse Today: Vol 5, No 4 - Vol 5, No 5

July/August, September/October, 1995


In this Issue:

  • "Child Maltreatment:  The Fallacies of Either/Or"
    by Staff
  • "Child Protection and the Netherlands Conference"
    by Staff
  • "Chronic Self-Injury in Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse (pt 1 - 2)"
    by David L. Calof
  • "First Impression:  A Day at the Netherlands Conference"
    by Fred Jonker, MD
  • "Professional Standards by Fiat:  The Undermining of Treatment for Trauma and Dissociative Defenses"
    by Julian de Avila, PhD
  • "The Human Face of Denial"
    by Stacy Miller