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Treating Abuse Today: Vol 5, No 6 - Vol 6, No 1

November/December, January/February, 1996


In this Issue:

  • "At the Edge of a Cliff: Excerpts from a Therapist’s Journal"
    by Maggie Ziegler, M.A.
  • "Child Sexual Abuse: The Recovered Memory / False Memory Debate"
    by Canadian Library of Parliament
  • "Chronic Self-Injury in Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse (pt 2 - 1)"
    by David L. Calof
  • "Controversies and Courts: The Canadian Response to the Disputed Memory Debate"
    by Maureen McEvoy, M.A.
  • "Making Connections"
    by Gloria Steinem
  • "Profession Standards by Fiat: Strategies for Retaking Control"
    by Julian de Avila, Ph.D.
  • "Spirit Song: The Use of Christian Healing Rites in Trauma Recovery"
    by Rebecca Lea Kramer, MSW, MSW, Susan A. Lukey, BEd, MDiv, ThM
  • "Walk In The Light: Catholic Bishops Commit to the War Against Child Abuse"
    by Valentine Janet Meriwether, Ph.D.