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Treating Abuse Today: Vol 3, No 6


In this Issue:

  • "Adult Female Incest Offenders:  Treatment Considerations"
    by Adele Mayer, PhD
  • "Creation of Cruelty:  The Political, Military and Multigenerational training of Torturers:  Violent "
    by Joan Golston, MSW, DCSW
  • "How Do Non-Adjudicated Sex Offenders Think?"
    by Daniel L. McIvor, PhD
  • "Is There a Paraphilic Disorder?"
    by Frank MacHovec, PhD
  • "On Recognizing Sex Offenders Diagnosed with MPD in Correctional Settings"
    by Maryalyce Stamatiou, BSN, RN, MA
  • "Understanding and Responding to Violence in Lesbian Relationships, Part II"
    by Claire M. Renzetti, PhD