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Treating Abuse Today: Vol 5, No 2

March/April, 1995


In this Issue:

  • "Anne Sexton’s Failed Psychotherapies:  The Tragic Fate of “Her Kind”"
    by Joshua C. Kendall, MA
  • "APA Speaks Out Against Bureaucracy and Barriers to Service"
    by Staff Article
  • "Congressional Actions Threaten Child Protection Programs"
    by Staff article
  • "Out of the Box:  A Family Therapist’s Approach to “False Memory Syndrome”"
    by Mary Jo Barrett, MSW
  • "The Controversy over Recovered Memories:  A View from Abroad"
    by TAT Staff Article
  • "The Forest and the Trees:  A Trauma Recovery Therapist Responds to Family Dialogue"
    by David L. Calof
  • "Theory of Memory as a Process"
    by Morton Prince, MD, LLD